Power centers

In general

A Power center is a defined area of land or place through which energy and rays of certain forces flow, which manifests or harbors essences, with presence of holographic life forms, UFO objects, places that combine interaction of flows and forces. This place stands out among the general landscape of the territory in the material or subtle manifestation. Usually, the Power center has a positive or negative impact on people, animals, plants and natural processes. Such places can have influence on a global, planetary scale.

YANG Power center is where the flow goes from the earth up.

YIN Power center is where the flow goes down into the earth.

Yin power center in the Netherlands

The name of the Power center in the Netherlands is “Gates to the Whithe Throne“.
This Power center is a Yin center, that means that the cosmic flows from the sky move into the earth.
These flows go into the earth, through the “White Throne” and then come up from the earth on 56 different places all around the world.

Yang power center in Feodosia - Crimea

The name of the Power center in Feodosia, Crimea is Ardabda, which means “City of 7 Gods”.
This Power center is a Yang center, this means that the flow from the earth goes up in this place.

Yang power center in Moscow - Russia

The Power center in Moscow, Russia is on the territory of VDNKH, also called the All-Russia Exhibition Center.
This Power center is a Yang center, this means that the flow goes from the earth upwards.

Yang power center in Canyon de Chelly - United States of America

This Power center is not activated yet.
The shamans that guard this ancient place should check this connection, to see the necessity of the "Bronnikov-Fekleron" mission in America that will help the Anasazi tribe and Spider Woman, to activate the planetary system of world transformation into the 15threality.